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Growing up just a short train ride to New York City, I was exposed to a world of design, art, and culture. I loved all of it…but I didn’t know where I fit in. Things clicked in the Communications Design program at Syracuse University. For me, graphic design is the intersection of creativity and practicality. I like to solve communication challenges visually—even better if it’s for small businesses and organizations that I connect with.

After a stint at a boutique design agency in Chicago, I landed a position in the exhibitions department at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. I picked up so much about designing for a physical space (and I got to paint murals and install vinyl lettering!). Life led me to Elements in New Haven, Connecticut where I cut my teeth learning every aspect of the design process from ideation and concepting to print management and delivery. That gave me the confidence to freelance when I moved back to Chicago and then onto Ann Arbor, Michigan.

After starting at Nutshell in 2016 as a Marketing Designer, I’m now the Creative Director, overseeing the art direction and design of all visual content and creating a story and experience that reflects Nutshell’s brand.